Save Periscope Broadcasts in Your Own Mobile App

Since Periscope live streams began taking over Twitter feeds earlier this year, a common complaint has been that they end before you could watch them. Periscope did enable replays within 24 hours after a stream ended and has also enabled web replays. As Periscope is being adopted by more media and entertainment personalities, the next obvious step is to let broadcasters save their broadcasts on their own sites and to remove the 24-hour limit for replays.

An even better solution is provided by ILOOKTV which enables broadcasters to aggregate broadcasts in their own, branded mobile apps. It only takes three simple steps to make this happen.

  1. Create a YouTube channel for your Periscope broadcasts.
  2. Click the CREATE TV APP button on to log into your Google account and to link a YouTube channel. This step immediately publishes your own mobile app in Apple and Android app stores.
  3. Periscope saves your broadcasts in the mobile device’s Camera Roll. Every time you upload a Periscope broadcast to your YouTube channel, it automatically appears in your mobile app.

If you like, ILOOKTV inserts post-roll video ads (TV commercials) into your TV app and forwards 70% of advertising revenue to you.

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